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  • Email subject lines: Love 'em or hate 'em

    By Valerie Bolden-Barrett How many emails do you get a day? How many have subject lines that instantly tell you what they’re about? If you’re like me, you get at least three dozen emails a day – more than you could possibly open and read in the time you have. And unless the subject line cuts to the chase by clearly stating the topic, you quickly delete it. When you're the sender, do you know what will likely make the receiver read your message? It’s probably a subject line that … · Has fewer than 10 words. · Relates to the receiver’s interests or expertise. · Avoids ambiguous words. · Never starts with “Breaking News.” Here’s why: · We’re busy people. We want to know instantly whether an email is worth reading. Wordy subject lines that bury the email’s topic make that harder to do. · Getting an email on how to buy a saddle is useless if you can’t ride a horse. · Ambiguity causes confusion, a major turn-off for email receivers. · “Breaking news” is breaking for the sender, not necessarily for the receiver. Here are examples of actual no-nonsense subject lines: 1. Your Whole Foods Market order has been cancelled 2. 11 uses for baking soda will change your life 3. The tax rules you need to know this year Actual turn-off subject lines read like this: 1. Almost 30,000 Bitcoin millionaires wiped in the last 3 months 2. [Company name} releases software updates providing operations managers with the ability to define, plan and deliver hybrid working 3. Join us for our press conference in person or virtually… What kinds of emails agitate you? Let me know what you think.

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  • Career Profile

    A freelance writer's journey ​ ContentCreation 2020© R emember those lectures from your high school English teacher on pronoun/antecedent agreement, misplaced modifiers and dangling participles? Well, the rules of good grammar still apply — especially in business, despite digital messaging and other communication technologies. ​ I’m glad I remembered those writing rules, because after earning a B.A. degree from Temple University, I became a seasoned content-creator in internal communication, public relations, media relations and public policy. And before I went solo as a freelance writer , I was an editor and, later, a senior editor of national business publications for two major publishers — Simon & Schuster and Aspen Publishers. Through my freelance writing platform, ContentCreation2020 , I help businesses showcase their unique product or service through articles, blogs, white papers, web copy and a host of writing and editing projects. I share my writing expertise with writers and nonwriters alike. And I strive to give my customers exceptional service, because they deserve no less. Cheers! Valerie Valerie Bolden-Barrett Business Writer & Content Specialist 860-856-9877 ​ ​

  • Portfolio | Mysite

    My writing portfolio... I ’ve written more than 6,000 published articles as a business journalist and contract writer in the last three years for national news and marketing websites. To read some of my articles, please click on the titles below: The keys to running an ethical organization ​ Can Small Businesses Require COVID Vaccines in the Workplace? ​ Self-Employed? Here's what it means Is Unstable Shift Scheduling Hurting Your Sales? The worst boss trait? Micromanaging ​ 5 essential drivers of effective business communication ​ 3 tips for keeping election season civil in the workplace ​ Why keeping employees in the loop is good for business ​ Sustainability: A people, planet and profit business strategy ​ How You Hired Last Year (and What That Says About You Now) ​ The Working Moms Report (White Paper) ​ How to Avoid Making Mistakes When Calculating Overtime ​ Time Theft: How SMBs Can Detect and Control It ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Business promotions... Dental Webinar Promotion Holiday Gift Certificate Sales Letter I welcome your questions and comments. Call 860-856-9877 or send an email to: . ContentCreation 2020©

  • Writing Matters | Mysite

    Why writing matters... Writing is about integrity. Gathering information and checking facts are critical in earning readers' respect and trust (see my upcoming post “Ban Truth-twisting and Fact-fudging in Nonfiction Writing”). In fact, keeping your audiences engaged and well-informed should be your goal. ​ Effective writing is easy reading. Writing is more than knowing how to use commas and colons; it’s the art of making easy reading of complex facts, figures and data. ​ Words have power. This means knowing how to craft a message that works best for the audiences you want to reach and the tone you want to set. ​ Clear, precise writing gets results. It’s the formula for drafting articles, case studies, white papers and scripts that inform or enlighten your audiences and turn them into valued customers. ​ ​ ContentCreation 2020©

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