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A freelance writer's journey


Remember those lectures from your high school English teacher on pronoun/antecedent agreement, misplaced modifiers, and dangling participles? Well, the rules of good grammar still apply — especially in business, despite digital messaging and other communication  technologies.

I’m glad I remembered those writing rules, because after earning a B.A. degree from Temple University, I became a seasoned content-creator in internal communication, public relations, media relations, and public policy.


And before I went solo as a freelance writer, I was an editor and, later, a senior editor of national business publications for two major publishers — Simon & Schuster and Aspen Publishers.


Through my freelance writing platform, ContentCreation2020, I help businesses showcase their unique product or service through articles, blogs, white papers, web copy, and a host of writing and editing projects.


I share my writing expertise with writers and nonwriters alike. And I strive to give my customers exceptional service because they deserve no less.






Valerie Bolden-Barrett

Business Writer & Content Specialist


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