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Welcome to ContentCreation2020 -- where words still matter in business

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for more time to do the things you want to do — let alone the things you have to do.


If I didn’t turn to experts for help with car maintenance, computer glitches or home repairs, I’d have less time for my specialty — content creating and editing for business.

What would free up your time?

  • Do you have writing projects you’d happily outsource if you could?

  • Would you write your own materials if it weren’t so hard and time-consuming? 

  • Are you struggling with content issues and other writing challenges?


If so, please click on the Services tab above to see my offerings. Also, you can learn more about me and my writing on the Portfolio tab.

By the way, "2020" in my business title stands for clarity in writing -- not the year.

I welcome your questions, comments and rate requests. Call 860-856-9877 or send an email to:

Here's to truth & clarity in writing, 

Valerie Bolden-Barrett


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